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Annual PDI Training

Options for Professional Development
Annual Training

Caregivers must complete 10 hours of Career Ladder approved annual training from the following list of options:

1. Take an approved Career Ladder class from your local Care About Childcare agency and or community agency. A list of all approved classes can be found at: For a calendar of upcoming classes see:

2. Take an approved Career Ladder online training. A list of all approved classes can be found at:

3. Take a training that offers Continuing Education Units(CEU), such as a local early childhood conference. Approved conferences and workshops will appear on the training calendar listed above on #1. Any CEU from an early childhood entity can count. Some CAC classes are available for CEU credit. Many online entities also offer CEU credit.

4. Take a 1 credit college class form an institution of higher learning (university, college, or community college). The class must relate to the field of early childhood or child development.

5. Participate in a Professional Activity. A qualifying Professional Activity must advance the field of early childhood in some way, and be above and beyond the current job responsibilities of the applicant. For a list of approved activities, see: If an applicant wishes to participate in a Professional Activity not on the approved list, he/she may apply to have the activity approved by filling out the form at this link: The applicant will need to fill out and submit a Professional Activities Documentation Form once the activity is completed in order to receive credit.

Approved Professional Activities List

Professional Activity Documentation Form

Professional Activity Pre-Approval Form