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6. Drinking water is available both indoors and outdoors throughout each day

Documentation Needed

•Photos of outdoor water source
•Written procedure describing how drinking water is available indoors throughout each day and outdoors
-whenever the temperature is below 75 degrees and the children will be outside for 30 minutes or longer
-whenever the temperature is 75 degrees or higher, regardless of how long the children will be outside 

Note: Child Care Licensing requires drinking water is available outdoors if temperature is over 75 degrees see licensing rule R430-90-6(9) under Outdoor Environment

Why Is This Important

"The purpose of this rule is to prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion. Children do not adapt to extremes in temperature as effectively as adults. Children produce more metabolic heat per mass unit than adults when walking or running. They also have a lower sweating capacity and cannot dissipate heat by evaporation as quickly."( Section%2013%20%20Parent%20Notification%20&%20Child%20Security.pdf [Family and RC Rule Interpretation Manual]. (2013.).

Helpful Websites  (information on teaching children the importance of drinking water from the National Food Service Management Institute)

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